What We Do

AED CrestNot only are we a club on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus, but we are also a pre-health honors society that is Beta chapter of the national Alpha Epsilon Delta.  We hold general bi-monthly meetings with a variety of physician speakers, we have volunteer events to help you get involved in the Madison community, and we host social events to blow off steam from our crazy, busy schedules and spend time with other pre-health students!

While there are many pre-health orgs on campus, ours is unique in that we have a partnership with the UW Surgery Department that allows our active members to shadow in surgery (check it out here:  https://alphaepsilondeltablog.wordpress.com/surgery-shadowing-program/).

AED partners with other groups such as the American Red Cross and Cardiac on Campus to offer courses to get you started on your medical pathway.  Additionally, many of us have volunteered at one of Madison’s three hospitals, so we are more than able to help you find a volunteering position.

As far as logistics, our org works on a points system, so your “activity level” depends on how much you want to take advantage of opportunities we offer.  In order to be considered an “Active” member, each semester a member has to earn 50 points and there are a variety of ways to do that.  For example, general meetings count as 2 points.  Other levels of membership include “Not Active” (earning less than 50 points per semester) and “Gold” (earning at least 60 points per semester).  It does not matter what status you achieve, but it is important to sign in at all events–meetings included–to ensure you receive your points.

As far as membership, there are two levels of membership.  Any pre-health student can become a Local member simply be attending meetings and events, and joining the email list. Second semester sophomores (or older) are eligible for National membership if they meet the following criteria: Has a 3.2 Science and overall GPA, has been an active member at least one semester, completes the national membership form (on the documents page) and turns it in by the deadline (will be announced by the President), pays a one-time fee of $75 to Alpha Epsilon Delta, and attends the national initiation banquet.

Furthermore, in order to provide opportunities for our members, we ask that dues are $25 per year or $15 per semester. Paying a full year’s dues in the fall semester will entitle you to 25 points at the beginning of both the fall and spring semester and allows us to provide events for the members. Dues can be paid to our treasurer, Shannon Wittel, at meetings, or to the AED mailbox (#125 3rd Floor SAC, 333 East Campus Mall) in the form of a check made out to Alpha Epsilon Delta or as cash.

Ultimately, our goal is to see our members accepted to a professional school, and our role is facilitating that process and shaping our members to be competitive applicants.  We welcome all that are interested in health and look forward to making connections with our fellow Badgers!