Tell Us About Your Experience

Here is what some of our members experienced by participating in the Surgery Shadowing Program:


“After being an active member of AED my freshman year at UW Madison, I was able to gain access to the shadowing program. Because I stayed the summer after my freshman year to do research and take first semester organic chemistry, I chose to use my shadowing access during the summer, and the experience was truly amazing. I had the opportunity to shadow Dr. Petros Anagnostopoulos who is the chief of pediatric cardiothoracic surgery at UW. I sat in on 3-4 surgeries that summer, and I also shadowed him in clinic several times. After expressing an interest in his role and specialty, his nurse practitioners invited me to sit in on their pediatric cardiothoracic surgery department meetings each Friday morning which I continued to do into the Fall semester. Although I am not sure I want to enter into a surgery specialty, this experience granted me very concrete insight into the lifestyle and job pace of being a surgeon. I would highly recommend getting more involved in AED and making an effort to take advantage of this opportunity.”

-Jessie Miller

“Through the AED Shadowing Program I was able to experience first hand a day in the life of a surgeon. I was fortunate enough to shadow the same general surgeon several times and develop a relationship with him. I saw how a Doctor interacts with his patients pre-, during, and post- operation. During the operations I was able to stand directly in the Operating Room and witness the surgical team at work. It is truly an amazing and inspiring experience for a pre-medical student.”

-Max Albiero