Phlebotomy Course

2016-2017 AED Phlebotomy Course 

Only 3 Spots Left!!!

Our spring Phleb course will be the weekend of April 21 & 22. This course is designed to give premedical students a brief introduction to the art of phlebotomy with instruction from a certified phlebotomy instructor. This is a great way to propel yourself into a future phlebotomy job, or just show medical schools you are committed to learning new techniques that are clinically relevant. The course will provide you with a certificate detailing the training you have received upon completion. Sign up for this intense, but fun phlebotomy course!

Email Joseph, our Professional Development Chair, if you’re interested!

Past Info:

Two day Bootcamp:

 Are you interested in the freaky and fun art of venipuncture? If so then the AED phlebotomy course may be for you! This two day 16 hour Bootcamp will teach any beginner about the basics of phlebotomy as it occurs in a hospital setting. You will be able to practice live blood draws on your classmates, and be educated on needle safety and the proper procedures when it comes to correctly finding a vein. At the end of the course a certificate is awarded for completion which can be an awesome thing to talk about in a job interview if you are interested in seeking a phlebotomy job in the future! To register for the course, or for more information about what the course entails, contact Joseph.

Phlebotomy Course

Join your fellow AED’ers in learning the art of veinapuncture! This fun and exciting course grants you a certificate in phlebotomy and can even be used to help hone your skills if you are already familiar with poking people with sharp things!

The class will cost $320 total but that includes a $75 dollar deposit needed to save your spot in the class (this will be given to me when you turn in your registration form). In order to register you need to email me (Jack: and ask to be registered for the course. If there are still spots available I will send you the form to complete and set up some times for the form and deposit to be returned to me. Your spot will be saved in the class ONLY when I have your completed registration form and deposit.