2016-2017 Officer Job Descriptions

President | The job of president is all-encompassing. The president needs to ensure AED runs smoothly so that the officers can do their jobs and the members can truly benefit from their membership. The president is the main point of contact for AED, so there is a good amount of emailing to be done. Additionally, there are various smaller jobs to juggle that the president must keep track of throughout the year, such as registering the organization, making sure we have rooms for meetings, checking on our mailbox periodically, and making sure we have enough volunteer, social, and other events.  That being said, strong organizational skills are a good quality to have for this position.  The AED president must be a NATIONAL AED member with one year previous board experience.

Vice President | The Vice President’s main responsibility is to maintain and improve upon AED’s Surgeon Shadowing Program which offers active members the ability to observe surgeons in the OR of UW Hospitals, a privilege exclusive to AED members. In addition to coordinating the shadowing program, the Vice President is also responsible for stepping in to organize and run executive board or general chapter meetings in the case of the President being unable to attend etc, as well as to help out in other duties keeping the organization running smoothly.  The Vice President must be a NATIONAL AED member with one year previous board experience.

Secretary | AED Secretary is responsible for making agendas for officer meetings and keeping record at those meetings. The secretary also writes and sends post-meeting emails following general meetings and writes and sends weekly emails with updates on events. The AED Secretary must be a NATIONAL AED member.

Historian | The historian is responsible for tracking the points of each member of the organization and assigning inactive, active and gold member status to members. The historian is also responsible for coordination with the Center for Leadership and Involvement, maintaining organization status and checking out card scanners. Lastly, the historian reports group activities to the National organization each semester in the scalpel report. The historian must be a NATIONAL AED member.

Treasurer | The Treasurer of AED is responsible for creating and maintaining a budget for each semester and collecting dues. The Treasurer looks for additional funding sources and helps in planning events that require a large amount of money to be spent such as initiation and end of year socials. Each year, a financial audit also needs to be completed through AED Nationals which the Treasurer completes.  The AED Treasurer must be a NATIONAL AED member.

Co-Volunteer Chair | As volunteer chair you will organize and attend volunteer events.  These events can be anything from blood drives to food pantries to helping out with Relay for Life.  It’s a fun position that allows you to create and participate in some great activities with AED.  There are two positions available and the AED Co-Volunteers Chairs must be ACTIVE AED members.

Co-Social Chair | As a Social Chair you are responsible for creating entertaining social events for members to attend. They don’t necessarily have to include educational aspects, just anything that brings AED members together! Typically we like to offer one social event per week, so the time commitment is not too bad. Plus, if you are creating fun events you will have no problem going to them.  There are two positions available and the AED Co-Social Chairs must be ACTIVE AED members.

Public Relations/Social Media Chair |  PR/Social Media chair is a fun position that allows you to really connect with the members of AED as well as reach out to help spread the word about our student organization.  It is a position that is great for someone that enjoys meeting new people.  Primary job duties include updating our social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) as well as keeping the website up to date and accessible for members, and acting as a liaison between members and the officer board.  The PR/Social Media Chair must be an ACTIVE AED member.

Junior/Senior Board Rep | The junior/senior board rep is primarily responsible for planning and executing the class socials for the juniors and seniors in the club. The board rep also serves as a link of communication between juniors and seniors in the club who are not officers, and the officer team itself, in order to make sure suggestions and good ideas get to the right people. Finally, the board rep also helps out with miscellaneous duties like organizing social events for the entire club as well as helping other officers with their more demanding projects.  The junior/senior board rep must be an ACTIVE AED member.

Co-Sophomore Board Rep | The sophomore board reps are the core contact point for our freshmen and sophomore members and the officer board.  Responsibilities include creating events for underclassmen such as class socials, and organizing study groups and study sessions for gen ed/core classes.  There are two Sophomore Board Reps and they must be ACTIVE AED members.

Freshman Board Rep | The freshman board rep is a BRAND NEW position this year. Our freshman board rep will be the primary contact between our freshman members and the officer board. Responsibilities will include creating study groups for freshman members, class socials, etc. The Freshman Board Rep must be an ACTIVE AED member.