Officer “Coffee Breaks”

AED Coffee Breaks are just that! Meet for coffee (or ice cream, lunch, or just to chat!) with an officer to have an informal advising session and have all your questions about being a pre-medical student answered. If you don’t have specific questions but just want to chat that’s okay too–we are always looking to take a break from studying and are a great resource for you. Feel free to email any officer on the AED board to schedule a time that works for you! Coffee breaks are worth 2 points.

Officer Emails:

Claire Fernandez (President):
Jack Shireman (Vice President):
Laura Josephson (Secretary):
Shannon Wittel (Treasurer):
Kayla Rasmussen (Historian):
Emily Fahl (Volunteer Chair):
Morgan Blaser (Co-Social Chair):
Jenna Powell (Co-Social Chair):
Taylor Klein (Public Relations Chair):
Eric Malamud (Junior/Senior Board Rep):
Selina Ostrowski (Sophomore Board Rep):
Amanda Mix (Sophomore Board Rep):
Sahibnoor Kaur (Freshman Board Rep):