Officer “Coffee Breaks”

Meet for coffee (or ice cream, lunch, or just to chat!) with an officer to have an informal advising session and have all your questions about being a pre-health student answered. If you don’t have specific questions but just want to chat that’s okay too–we are always looking to take a break from studying and are a great resource for you. Feel free to email any officer on the AED board to schedule a time that works for you! Coffee breaks are worth 2 points.


Officer Emails:

  • Eric Malamud (President):
  • Morgan Blaser (Vice President):
  • Rachel Geroux (Secretary):
  • Kayla Rasmussen (Historian):
  • Edwin Neumann (Treasurer):
  • Jenna Powell (Public Relations):
  • Joseph Harter (Professional Development):
  • Rico Fujita (Social):
  • Katie Sarino (Service):