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AED has a partnership with Kaplan to provide the following ongoing discounts on Kaplan MCAT courses:

  • All ACTIVE AED members receive a 10% discount, a huge benefit offered by Kaplan. Join the Officer Board to receive a 25% discount on MCAT courses.

Stay tuned for info on 2016-2017 classes and specials offered by Kaplan!

Past Info:

WE CHALLENGE YOU! To attend our free bootcamp!

Our live online boot camps are notoriously intense. But if you can make it through, you’ll be ready to tackle your test like a pro. Sign  up now to reserve your space and ace your test.


Start your prep today with Kaplan’s new MCAT® 2015 course.

Did you know you can start to utilize Kaplan’s suite of MCAT 2015 prep resources immediately—even if your class is starting months from now?

The MCAT 2015 exam is nearly twice as long and much more challenging than the current MCAT. So start taking advantage of every resource available…now!

MCAT 2015 classes are filling!  Reserve your seat now for these popular options:

MCAT Advantage On Site at the Madison Kaplan Center

MCAT Advantage Online

MCAT Advantage Plus Online

Here are the top 5 things you can do to get started now:
1. Take your diagnostic test and science assessments – Familiarize yourself with the new MCAT 2015 exam by diving right into a half-length practice test and a series of science assessments.
2. Start watching The MCAT Channel – We’re broadcasting live, elective MCAT instruction six days a week. Once you enroll, you’ll begin participating in live, online episodes covering science workshops, test reviews, MCAT strategies, and more. Tune in today!
3. Dive into Science Review videos – Brand new for MCAT 2015, you’ll have immediate, 24/7 access to a Kaplan-exclusive library of over 100 focused, interactive videos reviewing the highest-yield science topics covered on the new exam.
4. Read our best–selling MCAT 2015 Review Notes – Get Kaplan’s #1 best–selling MCAT 2015 prep product!* This seven–book MCAT library is fully updated for the 2015 test change and will be included with your enrollment. So you can start digging into your content review today.
5. Feel confident knowing a higher score is in your future – With Kaplan, your higher score is guaranteed, or your money back.

If you have questions, please contact Emily Kurtz, Kaplan’s Local Representative, at emily.kurtz1@kaplan.com.  

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