Ecela Medical Spanish

Ecela offers medical shadowing trips in Chile and Peru. Please consider “raising your hand” through the link below if you are interested.
If more than 20 AED members sign-up, our club will also receive some additional funding! “raise your hand here” to get on the Early Alert List.

The program’s mission is to get future healthcare professionals fluent in Spanish to address the language gap crisis in today’s America.

More information:
+ You can use a medical shadow experiencing to boost credentials
+ You are willing to leave your comforts behind for two months
+ You don’t view studying abroad as an extended vacation in a foreign playground, but as a chance for serious growth
+ You have the internal resolve to persist in situations that many students cautiously avoid

If you can honestly say you meet ALL FIVE of the above conditions, then it is a rare opportunity to “have your cake and eat it too” – learn Spanish AND get medical shadowing experience throughout the same program.

Again, if there is even a 20% chance you might do such a study abroad program, “raise your hand here” to get on the Early Alert List.

It takes less than a minute and all you have to do now is give your basic contact information