AED Study Groups

2016-2017 AED Study Groups:

Study Hours: Join AED every Thurs night at College Library (room 3217) for study hours! There will always be at least one officer there, and you are free to come study for as little or as long as you like! We will have the room reserved from 5:30-7:30pm for open study time. Plan to meet up with other AEDers and study for that big exam! Can request: computers, large shared monitor/screen, projector, and/or whiteboard(s). Contacts: Selina Ostrowski (, Amanda Mix (, or Sabhinoor Kaur (

AED Study groups are for our freshman and sophomore members who are most likely in similar classes. This semester we will have groups for Chem 103, Bio 151, and Chem 343. If you have another class you would like to make a study group for, or you are a junior or senior interested in forming a study group, let us know! To join, add your name to the Google drive link below. Selina and Amanda, your sophomore board reps, and Sahibnoor your freshman board rep, will then reserve a room and provide you a space and time to meet! Any questions feel free to email them at (Selina), (Amanda), or (Sahibnoor). Happy studying!

Join a Study Group Here: Study Group Sign-Ups

Past Info:

AED study groups are open to all  members! If you would like to join a study group, simply type your name into the specific course and the leader will email the group to set up times. Browse the tabs on the bottom to view course subjects.

Leaders: You may only be a leader of one study group. Each time you set up a study group, please cc Taylor Klein ( and she will give you 2 points for arranging and attending the meeting (max 6 points per semester).

Click on the link below to access the study groups or to request access