2017-2018 AED Leadership & Elections

This page has all the info you need about the upcoming AED Elections. Check out the structure of our new officer board with the link here: AED Leadership

1) Decide what you are applying for! Use the link to see the document “AED Leadership” to explore the leadership possibilities in AED between board and committee positions. Contact current officers with any questions. You can apply to up to 3 board and 3 committee positions. However, each require a unique application, so I would limit it to the positions you are most interested in and have the best skill set for.

Board Positions (Year Long Commitment): President, VP, Secretary, Historian, Treasurer, Public Relations Board Chair, Social Board Chair, Service Board Chair, Professional Development Board Chair

Committee Positions (Semester Long Commitment***): Public Relations Committee Member, Social Committee Member, Service Committee Member, Professional Development Committee Member

*** You are applying to be a specific committee for Fall 2017. There will be another application for Spring 2018. This is to allow you to explore various aspects of the club and serve on various committees as well as to accommodate busy semesters and study abroad. We also want to allow new freshman to get involved next spring. But if you want to continue on the same committee into spring, that’s an option as well!

2) Complete your applications! All of the applications can be found at the bottom of this page. Remember there is a separate application for each position you are applying for. Be concise and descriptive as to why you are the best fit for the role.

3) Rank your position choices and submit your applications! (Due: Friday 4/14 at 11:59pm) Complete this survey stating what is your first choice position all the way to your 6th choice position (if you choose to complete the max amount of applications, otherwise just rank your completed applications). Each choice allows a file upload and this is where you upload and submit your applications!  Submit App

4) Check this spreadsheet! Current Applicants If your name is on this spreadsheet, we have successfully received your completed applications. You can also check who has already submitted applications and that may or may not influence which positions you apply to, if you want to strategically plan your applications.

For Board Positions Only:
5) Prepare a 1 min speech for each application! General AED Elections will be held on 4/25 during the meeting. Use this time to share with the club the highlights of your application for each position. Remember it is 50% club input, 50% board input.

When will you find out?
Board Positions: At the end of the meeting on 4/25!
Committee Positions: After the final AED meeting, but before exams! The new and old officer boards will be selecting committees together.


Board Positions:

AED President App

AED Vice Pres. App

AED Secretary App

AED Treasurer App

AED Historian App

AED Volunteer Board Chair App

AED Social Board Chair App

AED Professional Development Board Chair App

AED Marketing Board Chair App

Committee Positions:

AED Volunteer Committee App

AED Social Committee App

AED Professional Development Committee App

AED Marketing Committee App